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A May day message from Mr Heard

The Flore Year 6 Blog!

It's been a while!

ianheard on: The Flore Year 6 Blog!

Good morning to all of Year Six. The blog has been a bit quiet since we've been back at school, but I thought I would just say 'hello' to those of you who are not able to join us in school at the moment.

I hope that you will all be able to join us for our special Leavers' Ceremony next week - if you are coming to join us, don't forget to write a speech! (Let me know if you would like some help with it).

Also, take a look at the Children's Work page to see some of our fabulous dragon eyes. Later on this week, I'll add some of our A-Z stories and some other work, too.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Mr H.

Don't forget to say 'hi' in the comments.

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Monday 18th May

ianheard on: The Flore Year 6 Blog!

Hello Y6,

I hope that you all enjoyed a special weekend, even though we couldn't have our normal May day celebrations.

The new learning activities are up on the Class 4 Home Learning page and there is a new challenge on the STEM blog - don't be afraid to say 'hi' on the blogs, or ask a question/make a suggestion - it is a good idea to stay in touch with each other, especially as we prepare to come back to school within the next month.

Have a great day.

Mr H.

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A May day message to all of Year 6

ianheard on: The Flore Year 6 Blog!

Hello Y6. I know that today many of you will be missing the opportunity to share May day with your classmates and their families. Whatever you do today, I hope that you can do something special to remember this important Flore tradition. Above there is a video message from me... and here is a poem I have written to reflect on possibly the most unusual May day in its entire 124 (and counting!) year history:

A 124th May day poem

The maypole stands tall

Its ribbons trail

Flitting gently in the breeze


It waits patiently for the King and Queen

The Maids and Knights to lead the dance

Yet the street stays empty


No flowers, no stage

No expectant crowd

No laughing children


But the maypole stands tall

A monument to hope and joy

Crowned with nature’s beauty


For it knows deep down,

though not today

… that the dance goes on


The music, it will play again

Boys and girls will dance again

The people will cheer again


Flowers will bloom again

Flore May day will live again

…for the dance goes on


            _          _          _


I will enjoy looking at some of the old photos on the gallery – you all looked so cute when you were little!

I admire Casper's valiant efforts at reproducing the traditional May day in isolation!





Have a great day

Mr H.

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Ah! Cute!

ianheard on: The Flore Year 6 Blog!

Casper's cute cat



...that gives me an idea for an alliterative list poem!

Perfect Pets

Annika's articulate aardvark

Bobby's bodacious bulldog

Casper's cute cat

Dylan's dynamic dugong

...maybe you could help me to finish it?

Ideas in the comments section please - or email me your poems using class4@floreceprimary.co.uk

Have a good day

Mr H.

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Another Wacky Wednesday!

ianheard on: The Flore Year 6 Blog!

"Good morning everyone"  (I am pretending I'm taking assembly!)

Start your day by singing a song that makes you feel good or watch something that puts a smile on your face.

Have a look at this peculiar picture - how many things can you spot that are not quite right? Answers in the comments section, please!

Enjoy your day everyone.

Mr H.

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