The overarching aim for English in the national curriculum is to promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written language, and to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.


The national curriculum for English aims to ensure that all pupils:

·         read easily, fluently and with good understanding

·         develop the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and information

·         acquire a wide vocabulary, an understanding of grammar and knowledge of linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language

·         appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage

·         write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences

·         use discussion in order to learn; they should be able to elaborate and explain clearly their understanding and ideas

·         are competent in the arts of speaking and listening, making formal presentations, demonstrating to others and participating in debate 


The English curriculum here at Flore CE Primary has been designed to not only equip all our children with the basic skills they will need to promote success in their future study and in the world of work as outlined in the national curriculum, but to also enthuse pupils about the wonder and endless possibilities of the spoken and written word.

Through sequencing learning around a range of high-quality texts and digital media, we broaden our pupil’s understanding and appreciation of the wider world, and exemplify the resilience of the human spirit. Individuality is celebrated and all children’s views are valued.

The teaching of reading and writing is designed to scaffold children to develop into independent and inquisitive learners, whose aspirations, both academic and personal, are encouraged and nurtured.

Language and communication, in all its forms and variations, is promoted as a core skill, with opportunities for children to practise and apply their knowledge and skills woven into all aspects of school life. Learning is designed to enable children to know more and remember more.

The fundamental skill of reading is taught in progression, beginning with systematic phonics in EYFS up to reading and analysing complex texts in Year 6 for meaning and pleasure. Reading for information is further supported through our broad curriculum. Reading is high-profile within the classroom and wider school; promoting a curiosity and love of the written word.

The teaching of English at Flore church of England Primary School is designed to give pupils the key skills in English that enables them to access material in all curriculum areas, and provide a foundation for their learning throughout their school career and beyond. 

At Flore Church of England Primary School, we believe that English and communication are key life skills.

Through our English curriculum, we will help to inspire and develop children's love of reading, writing and discussion . To achieve this, we are focused on making English interesting, exciting and purposeful by engaging the pupils with the joy and wonder of books and capturing their imagination both inside and outside of school. English is viewed as a fundamental part of the holistic development of the child for inspiring minds through literature, fostering positive behaviours and attitudes towards learning.