Internet Safety

We want parents and children of Flore School to be SMART on the internet. Here are some websites and links that are suitable for all to access to help us stay safe!

SAFE - Keep safe by being careful not to give out personal information.
MEETING- Meeting someone that you have only met online can be dangerous.
ACCEPTING- Accepting emails, files, pictures or texts from people you don't know can lead to problems.
RELIABLE- Information that people give you online may not be true or someone could be lying about who they are.
TELL- Tell your parent, carer or trusted adult if someone is making you feel uncomfortable or worried.


Think U Know

Guide to online safety and safe surfing for young people.
Learn about online safety through videos, games, blogs
and online chatting.

 CBBC Stay Safe

Think you know your internet safety? Take a quiz with Newsround,
listen to Stay Safe songs with Helen Skelton and New Kids on the Block
and meet the gang at Horrible Histories!


An interactive way of teaching young people how to recognise

danger and how to increase self-confidence whenever they go online.
There are lots of puzzles, games, videos and activities of the month!

Disney Surf Swell Island

Take a trip to Surf Swell Island and have an adventure in internet safety
with Mickey Mouse and the gang! Can you get to Treasure Palace?


Useful links for parents

Google Safety Tools (Safe Search and YouTube)

Apple Safety Tools (for iPhone and iPad)

Childnet Parent/Carer Resources Page