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Topic ideas for the next few weeks 

As you know, the Spring term topic has been ‘Our Precious Planet’. The Summer term’s Learning Log was to be about local habitats, especially the trees, meadows, canals and riverbanks. This is now about your immediate habitat, especially your garden. These are a few ideas for you to do over the next few weeks.

Science: Habitats

What lives there?

Name the animals that visit, count them at specific times. How do those animals travel?
How long do they stay?                                                
Which animals (birds, mammals, insects) live in your garden? Where?      
Do they travel far before returning to their resting place?  
(Do not collect these animals, watch them where they live.)

What plants grow? (There is more than one type of grass!)                             
Measure them on a weekly basis. How much have they grown?               
Can you describe them? (Colour, shape, texture…)

Activity Ideas

Do an art project based on what you can see. Botanical drawings are an important part of both science and art. Begin to research how artists have depicted their garden. The most famous one is probably Monet. He spent years just painting his own garden over and over again. There are others.

Plant seeds.

Build a bug house.

Build a den.

Make a map. Plot the habitats. Plot where the treasure is!

Write a diary about how your garden changes.

Write a diary or make a scrapbook about yourself, how you feel, what you are thinking, your hopes and dreams, what you are looking forward to when we are all back together.

Make a jelly, bake a cake…

Check the website. I will give you more ideas there. Remember, Class 2 is great at finding good solutions, solving problems, being kind, being creative, being authors...

Even though you may feel you are on your own, we are in this together.

Keep smiling.

From Mrs Birch