Class 3

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Week 16 July 13th

Well unbelievably we have come to the last week of the school year! Although it has ended in a slightly different way to usual, we both have good memories of you all in Class 3. For many year 5s, we have been lucky enough to teach you for three years and for year 4s, two years. You have been a fantastic group to teach, making us very proud and also bringing us laughter. We will look forward to seeing you when you return to school in Class 4. Have a lovely summer and take care.

Watch out later in the week for a message from us!

Love from Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Work this week:

Year 4 - maths mysteries - 2 to work on: The Hanging Basket Mystery

                                                 Mystery of the missing racket

Year 5 - maths mysteries - 2 to work on: Mystery of the festival camping chaos, Mystery of the missing kit

English - Book review - we would like you to review your favourite book you have read during lockdown.

Art - The theme for Children's Art Week this week is Literacy and Creative Writing. We would like you to create a piece of artwork inspired by one of your favourite books or book characters. There are some ideas on the PowerPoint slide below. 

PSHE - Lockdown Reflections. Share your achievements or anything you feel positive about in a creative format.


Toy Project on-going work



Week 15 July 6th

Well there's only 2 weeks of term to go in this school year - it seems very strange that we have not all been together for so long. The staff have all been very busy in school cleaning and tidying: cupboards have been sorted and resources organised, wonderful displays of different art work collected from each class make the school look bright and cheerful. We will look forward to welcoming you all back in September - we hope!

Many of you have done a fabulous job of keeping the Home Learning going - we know that it is not easy for you or your parents - well done to all!

We are in school with the Year 6 again - look out for us at breaks or in the afternoon if you are passing by school at any time. Wave and say hello!

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Work this Week:

Maths - Year 4 Investigating shapes

                   Arithmetic paper and Times Tables Grid

          Year 5 Coordinates and translations

                    Arithmetic paper x 2 half papers and Times Tables Grid

English - Your work this week has a Wimbledon theme:

          Reading Comprehension 

          Writing a live news report - you could use the first two sheets                with the prompts for your planning and then write up your report in            full on the others.

          Spelling activity - Words Within Words game - how many words              can you find within the Wimbledon themed words.

          Instructional texts - We couldn't have Wimbledon themed work                without strawberries! There are two recipes below that you might              like to try!

Toy Project - on-going work



Class 3's Art Gallery

We hope you enjoy our work inspired by art displayed at The National Gallery.

Enjoy seeing your friends from Class 3

A big hello to Kyran who is joining us in Year 4 - welcome to Flore Primary!

Week 14 June 29th

Hello lovely Class 3! June is almost at an end and we have only 3 weeks of 'term time' left. We would normally be enjoying events such as Sports Day, Glyndebourne and the Art Exhibition,  but this year we are all having to make our own entertainment at home. We will enjoy these all the more next year!

"Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why we call it 'The Present'."

This is an inspirational quote by Eleanor Roosevelt - wife of Teddy after whom the bear was named (remember that from your reading comprehension?).

Keep smiling - miss you all!

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Work this week:

Toys Project - on-going work

Maths Year 4 - Geometry - comparing angles and types of triangles

                   Arithmetic Paper

                   Times Tables Grid

                   practice tables at

        Year 5 - Geometry - investigating angles in squares and rectangles

                   Arithmetic Paper

                   Times Tables Grid

English - Reading Comprehension on European Mountain ranges.

                Spelling - Choose some of the 'correct the spelling' activities -                              answers  are provided. 

Art - During the next three weeks it is Children's Arts Week with this week's               theme being 'The Natural World'. The link below has many ideas for                       projects you may wish to try:


           The PowerPoint slide below has lots of ideas for 'Mountain' inspired                       artwork that you might wish to have a go at.


Year 5 and 6 Correct the Spelling Mistake

Week 13 June 22nd

Another week has passed and we have been very busy teaching and working in school.

We hope that you are all well and keeping active outdoors as well as keeping up with your home learning. It has been lovely to hear from some of you this week and see what you have been up to.

Hopefully you have seen the photos of each other or your work on the latest slideshow. Keep sending the pictures!

Take care

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Work this week:

Toys Project - on-going work from last week 

Maths - YEAR 4 Geometry Angles (answers provided) 

                            Arithmetic Paper (answers provided)

                            Tables grid

                            practice your tables on

Maths - YEAR 5 Geometry Angles (answers provided)

                             Arithmetic paper (answers provided)

                              Tables grid

English - Reading Comprehension on Fidget Spinners. 

                    Grammar - Revision of different word classes. Read the PowerPoint                        presentation and complete the quiz to remind yourself about nouns,                        verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions etc and then complete the                  word classes activity sheet - there are three levels of difficulty to                        choose from.                    


Week 12 June 15th

Hello everyone! The sun has come back so hope you have all had a lovely weekend making the most of the outdoors. We certainly have!

Last week went really well at school. We spent our teaching days with the year 6 and everyone was quick to adapt to new routines.

Look out for the new class slideshow above - send in more photos to add to this up to date version!

Have a good week

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Work this week:

Maths - Year 4  - dividing by 10 and 100

                      arithmetic paper (answers provided)

                      times table grid - get your adult to time you!

          Year 5 - Geometry - angles

                     arithmetic paper (answers provided)

                     times table grid - get your adult to time you!

English -  your reading comprehension this week is about the history of toys - choose your level of difficulty.

Your grammar work this week (for Years 4 and 5) focuses on Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses. Go through the PowerPoint carefully before attempting the activities. The information and activities on slides 6-9 (restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses) are for Year 5 but Year 4 can have a go if you would like to!

This is a link to a BBC Bitesize page which explains relative clauses further: 


This week, as well as your weekly dose of English and maths, we are setting you a mini topic on 'Toys'. This can be done over the next few weeks as there is so much opportunity for you to explore different ideas. We hope that you enjoy getting creative, designing and making your own toys. Some of you will no doubt be able to access more resources but make do with whatever you can find - you can use the internet to help you find different DT projects.

Week 11 June 8th

Hello Class 3! We hope that you have had a good week - despite the change in weather which will no doubt have stopped some of your outdoor activities. The staff have been busy getting the school ready for our return on Monday. We are both teaching a group of Year 6 children during the week so have had to change our classroom around. School will be very different for everyone but we are sure that we will soon get used to the routine.

Well done to those of you who have contacted us this week and completed the tasks set.

Have a good week everyone

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Work this week:

Many of you still have previous art/science/DT activities to have a go at!

Maths - remember to read the Power point first

          Year 4 - decimal patterns and rounding (answers provided) 

                              arithmetic paper (answers provided)

               Year 5 - Roman numerals (answers provided) 

                             arithmetic paper (answers provided)

English - Today (June 8th) is World Oceans Day and this is the theme of your work. Choose your level of difficulty in the Reading Comprehension. Please note that the questions are in a separate document this time. 

Design a poster activity - Read the information on the World Oceans Day PowerPoint and then create an informative poster to make people aware of the dangers our oceans face today and the ways in which we can help to protect them.

You can find lots more ideas for activities on World Oceans Day here:



Week 10 June 1st

Half term is over and we are back to work - still at home for the moment. We hope that you have been enjoying the fantastic weather as much as we have - plenty of time spent in the garden. It has been a good opportunity to catch on reading, gardening and having barbeques. Hopefully we will all still continue to enjoy the sunshine in the coming days - aim to do some work in the morning and then make the most of time outside to enjoy other activities.

We are so proud of the way you are coping with these strange times, away from friends and family. Well done to those of you who are completing so much of the work we have set. It will help you tremendously when we eventually return to school - you will have kept up to date with us and find it much easier to settle back into a routine.

Have a good week and take care

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Work this week:

Maths - remember to work through the Powerpoint first!

          Year 4 comparing and ordering decimals (answers provided) 

                   arithmetic paper

          Year 5 converting fractions to decimals - problems (answers provided) 

                   arithmetic paper

Science/DT - recycling activities

                have fun creating things from recycled materials, both man-made and  


English - Your reading comprehension this week has a wildlife theme. Choose your level of difficulty - the most challenging starts on P.13.

Grammar - your work is on verb tenses - the past and the present perfect tenses. Read through the PowerPoint carefully first and have a go at the activities within it. There are some worksheets to complete afterwards.

Creative writing - We would like you to write a persuasive letter to encourage others to protect wildlife. The worksheet includes an ideas box but you may have some of your own that you would like to write about. Try to use some more complex connectives to link your ideas eg. however, furthermore, therefore, despite. Remember to try to include some facts to support your opinions.

Art - We have both spent a lot of time in our gardens over the last few weeks and have enjoyed watching the birds that visit. Have a look at the PowerPoint below - there are lots of different ideas for some birds inspired art work that you could try but, of course, you may wish to create some of your own. Again, please send us your pictures and we will add them to our gallery. 

Week 9 May 18th

We hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of the class on the slideshow - we will add more to it as we receive photos. It is fantastic to see all the different activities that you have been doing over the past few weeks. Everyone has kept busy and done a great job keeping up with their home learning - well done Class 3!

The weather this week promises to be warm and sunny so hopefully we can all get outside and enjoy ourselves.

It was disappointing not to celebrate May Day is our traditional way but Anni - our May Queen - has recorded a lovely message. This can be found on the Class 4 webpage.

Have a good week everyone and keep up the good work!

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Work this week:

Maths - remember to read through the PowerPoint first before you attempt the worksheets

          Year 4 decimals - looking at tenths and hundredths (answers provided) 

                                             arithmetic paper (answers provided)

              Year 5 percentages - comparing fractions decimals and percentages (answers given)

                                             arithmetic paper (answers provided)

English - Your reading comprehensions this week have a 'popular authors' theme - Michael Morpurgo for Year 5 and David Walliams for Year 4. 

There is also a story writing activity that can be found in the Mental Health Awareness activities on Kindness.

Art - Today (Monday 18th May) is International Museum Day and to celebrate this we would like you to create a piece of art work inspired by a painting in The National Gallery. Have a look at the PowerPoint - there is a link for a virtual tour of the Gallery, slides of some of the paintings that can be seen there and some ideas for your own creations. Remember to send photographs of your work so we can create our own gallery. 

PSHE - This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the theme for this is Kindness. We have added lots of activities to remind us that as well as being kind to others, it is so important to also be kind to ourselves.


Year 5 Reading Comprehension

Year 4 Reading Comprehension

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 activities...

Week 8 May 11th

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and were able to celebrate VE Day in some way. We were both out in our road for the 2 minutes silence and then the 'all clear siren' was sounded. We then enjoyed scones and cake in our own gardens. Lots of our road had bunting or flags on display.

Have you looked at the staff video on the main Home Learning page yet? If not, do have a look as it is our message to you all. We both loved seeing all the staff as we have missed everyone. Ms Birch is very clever and joined all our video clips together.

Keep sending the emails and photos - give us permission to use any with you in them and we can post them up.

Mrs C and Mrs C

Work this week:

Maths - Make sure you look through the PowerPoint slides first

             Year 4 introducing decimals and an arithmetic paper (ANSWERS provided)

             Year 5 introducing percentages and an arithmetic paper (ANSWERS provided)

Science/technology -choose a STEM challenge card and have fun!

English - much of this week's English work has a poetry theme:

               Reading Comprehension - My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson

               Creative writing - Calligram poems. Please read through the PowerPoint slides first                     before writing your own poem. 

There are also missing punctuation sheets to complete. 

We hope you are continuing to read regularly and are practising the spellings from your lists.

Reading Comprehension - choose your level of difficulty, the most challenging starts on P.6

Week 7 May 4th

This is a very special week....usually Monday would be the Mayday Bank Holiday but this year it was moved to Friday 8th to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day. We have included some activities to celebrate this special occasion. It is a 4 day working week for many so enjoy having the long weekend - however, spare a thought for all the key workers who will still be busy with their jobs.

We have really enjoyed hearing from so many of you this week and reading or looking at the amazing range of work or fun activities that you are doing at home. It is good that you are all continuing to do home learning as it is so important to keep practising skills you have learnt.

Watch out for your garden designs in a slide show.

Maths - Year 4 time - 24 hour clock - answers provided

              Year 5 decimals - adding to one , adding and subtracting decimals- answers provided

Remember to look at the Powerpoint first and have a go at the work before you look at the answers!

Reading Comprehension - This week's reading comprehensions have a VE Day theme. There are different ones this week for Year 4 and 5. 

VE Day Activities - Read the Powerpoint presentation on VE Day. The last 2 slides have some activity ideas for you to choose from, including - designing a VE Day medal, writing a diary entry about the very first VE Day and decorating your windows with a VE Day theme. All the activity sheets have been uploaded separately. 

Take care everyone

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway


Year 5 Reading Comprehension: choose your level of difficulty - the most difficult starts on P.14.

Year 4 Reading Comprehension: choose your level of difficulty - the most challenging starts on P. 10

Week 6 April 27th

Welcome to the new school week! Unfortunately the weather does not look so good this week, but this is a perfect opportunity to settle down to completing some of the work we have set! It is really important to get back into a routine, combining school activities with outdoor fun and learning.

Science - friction work. Make sure you read through the powerpoint slides first before attempting the experiment 

Maths - Year 4 Time Duration and practice paper  - answers provided

             Year 5 Rounding decimals and practice paper - answers provided

Art/Design - Designing a garden

English - Reading Comprehension

               Pronouns revision - Firstly, read through the Powerpoint presentation on pronouns and                 have a go at the activities within it. Next, try the Pronouns worksheet  - answers                       provided.


Garden Birds Reading Comprehension

There are 3 different levels to choose from - the most challenging starts on P.14.

Week 5 April 20th

Hello Class 3 and welcome back to our home learning activities!

We hope that you had a good Easter holiday and enjoyed the lovely sunshine, spending lots of time outdoors. We have both been busy with walks and enjoying time in the garden. It has been a good opportunity to turn out cupboards and do all those tidying jobs you never seem to find time for!

As our time away from school continues for the foreseeable future, we are again posting work for you to complete at home so that you keep practising all the many skills we have been using in class.

You will need to press 'DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT' to see the work clearly. As always, make sure you take time to read instructions and look at any examples given. We have included the answers to some of the work - make sure that you have a go and do as much as you can before you check them!

Remember to email us examples of your work or photos of you doing any of the many activities you are enjoying whilst at home. We both read all your messages and chat to each other about what you have done before we then send a reply.

Take care everyone

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Shakespeare Reading Comprehension 

There are 3 versions - choose the one that is the right challenge for you. The most difficult one starts on Page 11 - go for it!

Check out the South Northants and Daventry Home Activity Challenge which I have posted on the Home Learning Homepage! Keep yourself fit and active.

Hopefully many of you have been joining the 9am Joe Wicks workout Live! Send us photos of you exercising or completing a physical challenge.

Did you do PE with Joe in fancy dress? Send us a photo and your parents' permission - join the gallery with Mrs Chick!

Weeks 3/4 April 6th - Easter holidays!

It is now officially the school Easter holiday! Well done to all of you who have sent in photos of you doing lots of super activities or photos of your work. A fantastic 2 weeks where you have kept busy. We have been very lucky with the sunshine too, enabling lots of outdoor activity.

During the holiday, we are encouraging you to look at some of the many Easter activities available by hovering over the 'Home Learning' button on the homepage. If you want more to keep you busy, we have included some optional activities below - some parts will be trickier but you can do bits that you are confident with. Have a go before you look at the answers!

We will still check our emails  - perhaps not so regularly - so keep sending us messages!

Have a lovely Easter!

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Week 2 March 30th

Hello everybody! Hope you have all been busy and keeping yourselves occupied over the past week. It has been lovely to have contact from some of you, sharing your work and other activities with us - we really enjoy seeing your photos or reading through your work. It would be great to hear from more of you - we always send a reply!

We have set some new work for you to complete - take time to read the instructions or explanations first. You can always go back to activities you might have missed. Enjoy reading the latest edition of First News.

MATHS - on the webpage the maths looks very strange BUT when you download it is all fine!

Remember - keep in touch!

Keep busy and active

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway

Year 4 and Year 5 maths

For number practice on addition please log on to:>Year 4 mini maths

Select week 1 - adding using formal written methods - complete a day at a time

OR>Year 5 mini maths

Select week 1 - adding using formal written methods - complete a day at a time

Year 5 Easter Reading Comprehension

Year 4 Easter Reading Comprehension

Week 1

Hello Class 3! Here are some activities to start your home learning off. You already have the packs we sent home and so should be able to keep yourselves busy. Don't forget to make sure you keep active - do some exercise or play out whenever you can do so safely.

We look forward to receiving your work by email - you can also send us photos of any art or activities you are doing.

Take care

Mrs Chick and Mrs Conway



As promised we have uploaded the finished pictures based on Van Gogh's Starry Night. They are fabulous!

Can you find yours and show it to your adult at home?